oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess




Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny


What I see are a bunch of pretty little flowers. What I know is that entire stalk was as big as my thumb.


If you cannot do great things,

do small things in a great way.

– Napoleon Hill 


What I see is a Water Lily bud. What I remember is it was open and huge and lovely when I first saw it. But then it was closed back up when I went out to look at it later that afternoon. What I think is sometimes beautiful things just have to conserve their energy.

What I see is a Water Lily bud. What I remember is it was open and huge and lovely when I first saw it, but then it was all sealed up when I went out later. What I think is we all have times when we need to close back in upon ourselves, rest – tap into the light within, so we’ll have strength enough to open back up again.


Deep in their roots,

all flowers keep the light.

– Theodore Roethke 

Cotton Candy Sky


If I didn’t know this was the sky, I’d want to eat it. Or roll in it. Or squish it in my fingers.

Excuse me

while I

kiss the sky.

Jimi Hendrix   


something I don’t know


Somehow I feel he’s grinning at me, like he knows something I don’t know.


All nature wears one universal grin.

– Henry Fielding   


Bare Trees



is more.

– Mies van der Rohe


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What I see is various pictures of flowers that I have taken this year.
What I think is that I like sharing them with you.


Happiness held is the seed;

Happiness shared is the flower.

– John Harrigan

what I saw there

What I see is a pretty little flower on the other side of the garden wall. What I think is that sometimes it pays to be nosy.


In wisdom gathered over time

I have found that every experience

is a form of exploration.

– Ansel Adams


I took this photo at historic Kenmore Plantation, while on the walking tour for Garden Week. What I see is a single tulip, framed nicely by all that green. What I think is this picture would not be as interesting if there were a bunch of tulips, instead of one.



does not necessarily

mean lonely.

all things soft

Tomorrow I'm going to help paint at my parent's new house on The Rivah, which is where I took this picture. Whenever I think of that house now, this is the picture that pops into my head. What I see is a plant whose seeds are attached to fluffy white sails that will eventually carry them...I don't know where. But in this moment, they were busy providing a soft focus for rather severe looking stems. What I think of is feathers and butterfly kisses and whispers and all things soft.


Observe how all things

are continually being born of change.

Whatever is, is in some sense

the seed of what is to emerge from it.

– Marcus Aurelius

little purple beauties

I took this picture at the pumpkin patch last fall. What I see is a close-up of one of the little purple beauties that were growing all over. What I think is that it's just nice that a picture can make you feel happy.


Happiness depends more

on how life strikes you

than on what happens.

– Andy Rooney


growth medium

I took this picture in the summer, but it reminded me a little of New Years and resolution making. What I see is a row of hydrangeas, ranging in color from light purple to dark blue. Did you know that the color of the flower depends on the soil they're planted in and how the plant is adjusting? What I think is the success of the resolutions we make rely on much the same thing: the soil we plant them in and the attitude with which we face them.


Our beliefs about what we are

and what we can be

precisely determine what we will be.

– Anthony Robbins

just a leaf

This is a very simple photo, but I like it. What I see is just a leaf, its veins radiating out from a central stem. What I don't see are all the bits and pieces that work together to maintain the life of this leaf: the roots and the rings, the bark and the branches, the rain and the nutrients pulled up through the soil. What I think is that it's rather magical, the complexity of a simple life.


I am careful not to confuse

excellence with perfection.

Excellence, I can reach for.

Perfection is God’s business.

– Michael J. Fox

A Tree

This huge tree caught my eye, so I stopped in the road (you can do that in the country and not expect to get run over) and took a few shots with my arm stuck out of the window. This picture isn't too terrible, considering I was shooting blind. What I see is a spindly armed and long-fingered tree against a blue, blue sky and one little cloud seeming to rest itself in the branches. What I think is that I just love to look at trees.


Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky.

– Kahlil Gibran

brown fields

My cell phone camera did interesting things with the sun, and it shows up here as waves of light across the photo. What I see is a brown field and open sky. What I think of is all the stages this land goes through in a year, from this winter brown, to knee-high green and luscious growth, to golden-green stalks of corn that slowly peak and fade into pale sheaths of tan that are cut down and left to winter brown.


Each thing is of like form from everlasting

and comes round again in its cycle.

– Marcus Aurelius

A sea of leaves

I took this one last week. These leaves are getting crispy and brown now, swaying ominously on their little stems, ready at any moment to join their fellows on the ground. What I see is a canopy of color. What I think is that I want to fall upwards and swim around in that sea of leaves.


Delicious autumn!

My very soul is wedded to it,

and if I were a bird

I would fly about the earth

seeking the successive autumns.

– George Eliot

Beauty in the weeds

I guess this is just a weed, but there's something pretty about its arching stems. What I see is a plant at the end of its season, dried up and brittle, against a lovely backdrop of sky. What I think is that it's important to look; beauty is all around us, even in the things we might normally glance over without seeing, even in the weeds.


Stretching his hand out

to catch the stars,

he forgets the flowers

at his feet.

– Jeremy Bentham

Green and Golden and Gone

The leaves are going, ever so slowly, but they are going. I took this picture at the end of last week, and those golden leaves are brown now. What I see is a layering of leaves; some are gone, some have turned lovely shades of gold and orange, and some are still clinging to their green. What I think is that transition is best undertaken at your own pace.


The most minute transformation

is like a pebble

dropped into a still lake.

The ripples spread out endlessly.


A Tiny Tree

I like how the color of this little guy shows up against the brown leaves in the background. What I see is a tiny, tiny tree - or the beginnings of a tree - doing what all the big trees are doing this time of year. What I think is that just because you're small or young or inexperienced, doesn't mean you can't achieve greatness.


I’ve decided

I’m unstoppable!

– Les Brown


This is a picture I particularly like, I think just because it makes me feel calm. What I see is layers of trees in the fog. What I think of is serenity, and peace, and a quiet, quiet morning.



is more like God

than Silence.

– Meister Eckhart


Another picture from June. What I see is Ivy creeping along the side of a brick wall. What I think is we all need something to cling to.


No matter what state

we’re in ourselves,

we still have something left

to offer a friend in need.

God’s Brushstrokes

This is a view from my front door. What I see is magnificent color, with clouds that look as though they were painted on the sky. What I think of is an evening after the storm, comfortable solitude, quiet, and an awe at what wonders there can be.



and the heaven of heavens

belong to the LORD your God,

the earth

with all that is in it.

– Deuteronomy 10:14