oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess


Which side is up?


What I see is a recessed ceiling alcove with little circular windows surrounding a chandelier that hangs at the top of a circular staircase. What I think is this view is disorienting!


Every orientation

presupposes a disorientation.

– Hans Magnus Enzensberg 


Old Souls

What I see is the remnants of an old factory or something.

What I see are the remnants of an old factory or something – I don’t even know what this was. What I think is “I want to go in there!” I can’t pass by any kind of old run-down, boarded-up, falling-down structure without a burning desire to explore it.


Buildings have souls too.

walking in the wreckage

We spent a lot of time in this old wreck of a house.

What I see is my friend standing on the sloping upper floor of a collapsing farm house. We loved to walk around in that old house, and though we felt very safe, I know we’re lucky none of us ever got hurt. What I think is a lot of the things I’ve built in my life are kind of like that old wreck of a place we spent so much time exploring. What I wonder is if it’s better to hold on to the old dream as long as I can, or is it safer to walk away when things start to fall apart.


It ain’t over

till it’s over.


Some more pictures:

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Winter Wonderland…

My job requires me to work a month or two in advance, so I start thinking about the upcoming seasons well before they actually arrive. This time last year, I was working on the October schedule, and so I had fall and Halloween and pumpkins and sweaters on my mind. This year I’m still working on the September schedule, but I can feel the cool winds of change coming up behind me!


It’s beginning to look

a lot like Christmas!


Too soon?



What I see is a quaint little restaurant courtyard, cozy and quiet – that I can’t get to. What I think is, were these gates open to me, I probably wouldn’t have as much desire to get in.


There are two tragedies in life.

One is not to get your heart’s desire.

The other is to get it.

– George Bernard Shaw


Smith Point Lighthouse

low tide

Nearly everything watery feels romantic to me, inspiring the dreamer, the artist, the adventurer within. A wooden post sunk into the ground is ordinary and mundane. Somehow that same post, raising its weathered head out of the water, becomes a metaphor for life. What I see here are many such posts, basking in the sun at low tide. What I immediately thought when I saw them is that life leaves its mark on us all.


The people we meet, the things that we do –

the experiences of our life –

leave a permanent mark upon us.

Sometimes it’s just more visible.