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Which side is up?


What I see is a recessed ceiling alcove with little circular windows surrounding a chandelier that hangs at the top of a circular staircase. What I think is this view is disorienting!


Every orientation

presupposes a disorientation.

– Hans Magnus Enzensberg 

Old Souls

What I see is the remnants of an old factory or something.

What I see are the remnants of an old factory or something – I don’t even know what this was. What I think is “I want to go in there!” I can’t pass by any kind of old run-down, boarded-up, falling-down structure without a burning desire to explore it.


Buildings have souls too.

Bare Trees



is more.

– Mies van der Rohe

here is the steeple

You can just glimpse the top of this steeple in Tuesday's picture "Unique". What I see is part of a large building in downtown Fredericksburg. What I think is that I am drawn to the crisp lines of a building's architectural elements, brought out by the sun on a nice clear day.


A day without sunshine is like,

you know,


– Steve Martin