oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny


What I see are a bunch of pretty little flowers. What I know is that entire stalk was as big as my thumb.


If you cannot do great things,

do small things in a great way.

– Napoleon Hill 

Which side is up?


What I see is a recessed ceiling alcove with little circular windows surrounding a chandelier that hangs at the top of a circular staircase. What I think is this view is disorienting!


Every orientation

presupposes a disorientation.

– Hans Magnus Enzensberg 


What I see is a Water Lily bud. What I remember is it was open and huge and lovely when I first saw it. But then it was closed back up when I went out to look at it later that afternoon. What I think is sometimes beautiful things just have to conserve their energy.

What I see is a Water Lily bud. What I remember is it was open and huge and lovely when I first saw it, but then it was all sealed up when I went out later. What I think is we all have times when we need to close back in upon ourselves, rest – tap into the light within, so we’ll have strength enough to open back up again.


Deep in their roots,

all flowers keep the light.

– Theodore Roethke 

Old Souls

What I see is the remnants of an old factory or something.

What I see are the remnants of an old factory or something – I don’t even know what this was. What I think is “I want to go in there!” I can’t pass by any kind of old run-down, boarded-up, falling-down structure without a burning desire to explore it.


Buildings have souls too.

Use it or Lose it


What I see is a couple of Osprey who’ve built their nest on someone’s boat. What I know is I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to evict them.


There is nothing in which the birds

differ more from man

than the way in which they can build

and yet leave a landscape as it was before.

– Robert Wilson Lynd 

Beautiful Froggy

What I see is a frog hanging out on a lily pad in my parent's water garden. What I think is I love frogs and toads. And I love to hold them, even though they pee on my hand.

What I see is a frog hanging out in my parent’s water garden. What I think is I love frogs and toads. And I love to hold them, even though they pee on my hand. A friend of mine is totally creeped out by frogs, but I don’t get it. Because look how cute!!


When green is all there is to be,

it can make you wonder why,

but why wonder.

I’m green and it’ll do fine,

it’s beautiful,

and I think that’s what I want to be.

– Kermit the Frog 

Cotton Candy Sky


If I didn’t know this was the sky, I’d want to eat it. Or roll in it. Or squish it in my fingers.

Excuse me

while I

kiss the sky.

Jimi Hendrix   


No Reason Needed


Here’s one just because I like it! I don’t know what kind of bug that is, but I’ve never seen one with wings like that. It looks like an optical illusion in some pictures, but I can see clearly here that the wings are split or there are four of them or something. Anyway, I like this photo.


No reason is needed
for loving.

Paulo Coelho   

something I don’t know


Somehow I feel he’s grinning at me, like he knows something I don’t know.


All nature wears one universal grin.

– Henry Fielding   

storms that didn’t come


What I see is a brilliant sky. What I remember is this is all that became of some ominous looking clouds. What I think is that sometimes we spend so much time preparing for the worst that we don’t take the time to enjoy what is actually in front of us.


If you spend your whole life

waiting for the storm,

you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.

– Morris West  

Something Borrowed


What I see is a woman being photographed before her wedding. What I feel is happy and hopeful. What I think is that, for just a moment, I’ve borrowed something from her life.


We keep passing unseen

through little moments

of other people’s lives.

– Robert M. Pirsig


hidden treasure

What I see is a fish and its reflection. What I think is if you look below the surface, you will find a treasure.


People say I make strange choices,

but they’re not strange for me.

My sickness is that I’m fascinated by human behavior,

by what’s underneath the surface,

by the worlds inside people.

– Johnny Depp

different all at once


This picture made me think of my life right now. I’m trying to do all of these things, trying to grow and improve myself. Somehow I convince myself that I can grow in lots of different directions at once, and for a while it seems to work. But then I realize that even though they are growing from the same stem, the fruit is all different. They’re shaped different and colored different. They grow and ripen and shrivel and fall away at different rates. No matter how I try to make them grow together, to nurture them all at the same time, it just doesn’t work that way.  I’ve crushed so much fruit beneath my feet on the way to understanding it’s okay to take it in turns. It’s okay to let one shrivel up and fall off because I’ve put my energies somewhere else. I have time to come back to it; another chance will grow in its place.


There’s a certain kind of beauty

in the chaos

of wildly growing fruits.

Bare Trees



is more.

– Mies van der Rohe

beauty is a light in the heart

What I see is a great sky…with a bunch of ugly trailers in front of it. What I thought when I saw this in person was, “What a shame that I can’t get a better shot!” What I think now is those trailers don’t change the fact that the sky above them is lovely.


Beauty is not in the face;

beauty is a light in the heart.

– Kahlil Gibran

Winter Wonderland…

My job requires me to work a month or two in advance, so I start thinking about the upcoming seasons well before they actually arrive. This time last year, I was working on the October schedule, and so I had fall and Halloween and pumpkins and sweaters on my mind. This year I’m still working on the September schedule, but I can feel the cool winds of change coming up behind me!


It’s beginning to look

a lot like Christmas!


Too soon?

couch sphinx

Something about her profile just made me think of a sphinx.


missed focus


Too many times,

when great things happened,

I’ve had my focus on something else.


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I’m just enamored of the geese that live on the pond behind my sister’s house!  Babies have hatched since my sister moved in, and they are growing so fast.  It’s interesting to see the family units traveling together, including one family that has a “grandma”.  At least that’s what my niece calls her.  The other families all have two adults, but she’s an extra in her group.  And she clearly leads the way.  She’s also the only one with coloring different from the black and white all the other geese wear.  She’s bold and beautiful, and she swims all the way up to the little dock.  How can I not take her picture?  The white geese are just as brave, though they don’t come around as often as the others.  But I was able to get some photos last visit.  I couldn’t resist sharing some of my geese pictures, and I hope you like them.


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What I see is various pictures of flowers that I have taken this year.
What I think is that I like sharing them with you.


Happiness held is the seed;

Happiness shared is the flower.

– John Harrigan


I took this photo at historic Kenmore Plantation, while on the walking tour for Garden Week. What I see is a single tulip, framed nicely by all that green. What I think is this picture would not be as interesting if there were a bunch of tulips, instead of one.



does not necessarily

mean lonely.


We’ve been talking about happiness on my other blog, and when I saw this picture, it reminded me of that.  What I see is a close-up of a brick wall.  Walls like this make me happy, for reasons that are sometimes elusive.  What I remember is the pleasantness of that afternoon, the eye-pleasing rounded shape of the bricks on the top of the wall, and how the brick and the moss exist in harmony.


Harmony makes small things grow,

lack of it makes great things decay.

– Sallust