oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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Cotton Candy Sky


If I didn’t know this was the sky, I’d want to eat it. Or roll in it. Or squish it in my fingers.

Excuse me

while I

kiss the sky.

Jimi Hendrix   


Don’t Fall

vacation extra photo

Yes, these are my niece’s feet; yes, they’re hanging over the balcony. BUT: my arm’s around her AND there is a metal railing across her chest. And no, she couldn’t have slipped underneath. Now that that’s out of the way… 🙂

I’m a Fall person. I love it! I love the cooler air and the changing colors of the leaves. There’s an excitement of returning tv shows, football and back to school (even though I don’t have a tv signal or kids).  It’s a season of holidays, with the back to back of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fall is just great!


I’m just not feeling it this year. It’s all going by so fast, and time just seems to be slipping out from under me.
Where did August go? Where did September disappear to? October is already a week gone.

This year I’m not ready for fall.

This year, right now, I’d love to jump off this picture and right into those inviting waters. I’d love a couple more days in the middle of that summer vacation.

A sea of leaves

I took this one last week. These leaves are getting crispy and brown now, swaying ominously on their little stems, ready at any moment to join their fellows on the ground. What I see is a canopy of color. What I think is that I want to fall upwards and swim around in that sea of leaves.


Delicious autumn!

My very soul is wedded to it,

and if I were a bird

I would fly about the earth

seeking the successive autumns.

– George Eliot


Louis and I went out to walk in the leaves this week, and just see what we could see. What I see is a lot: crunchy brown leaves carpet the ground, a fallen branch creates a little arch for Louis to walk under, and the sky...what a beautiful sight to end the day with. What I think is that I should be more like Louis and explore as much of the world around me as I'm able to.


I used to dream about escaping

my ordinary life,

but my life was never ordinary.

I had simply failed to notice

how extraordinary it was.

– Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Home for
Peculiar Children

Beauty in the weeds

I guess this is just a weed, but there's something pretty about its arching stems. What I see is a plant at the end of its season, dried up and brittle, against a lovely backdrop of sky. What I think is that it's important to look; beauty is all around us, even in the things we might normally glance over without seeing, even in the weeds.


Stretching his hand out

to catch the stars,

he forgets the flowers

at his feet.

– Jeremy Bentham

wherever imagination takes you

I took this picture while out on a cruise of the yard with my dog, Louis. What I see is the typical detritus of a woody landscape. What I think of is a sturdy shell being carried away on a river of rain, a tiny boat and an insect family, who are scared and thrilled and excited and wet, floating away to parts yet unknown...to wherever my imagination dares to take them.


The world

is but a canvas

to our imaginations.

– Henry David Thoreau

Green and Golden and Gone

The leaves are going, ever so slowly, but they are going. I took this picture at the end of last week, and those golden leaves are brown now. What I see is a layering of leaves; some are gone, some have turned lovely shades of gold and orange, and some are still clinging to their green. What I think is that transition is best undertaken at your own pace.


The most minute transformation

is like a pebble

dropped into a still lake.

The ripples spread out endlessly.