oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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the shadows we cast

What I see is my big shadow entirely covering my little niece as she sits in the grass. What I hope is that I can be a good enough example for her, that my deeds might cast half as great a shadow on her life as that literal one. What I fear is I'll fall far, far short of even half.

What I see is my giant shadow engulfing my little niece as she sits in the grass. What I hope is that I have enough goodness in me that my example will cast half as great a shadow on her life as that literal one. What I fear is I’m falling far, far short of even half.


You can preach

a better sermon

with your life

than with your lips.

– Oliver Goldsmith 

Goin’ Fishin’

IMG_8865 (4)

What I see is my niece heading out with her fishing tackle in tow. What I think is I like catching fish more than I like fishing.


If people concentrated on the

really important things in life,

there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.

– Doug Larson 

Something Borrowed


What I see is a woman being photographed before her wedding. What I feel is happy and hopeful. What I think is that, for just a moment, I’ve borrowed something from her life.


We keep passing unseen

through little moments

of other people’s lives.

– Robert M. Pirsig

couch sphinx

Something about her profile just made me think of a sphinx.


good enough to eat

From The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s Festival of Lights last year. What I see is a light display that makes me think of lollipops.  What I think is they look good enough to eat!

missed focus


Too many times,

when great things happened,

I’ve had my focus on something else.

They Meet


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I’m just enamored of the geese that live on the pond behind my sister’s house!  Babies have hatched since my sister moved in, and they are growing so fast.  It’s interesting to see the family units traveling together, including one family that has a “grandma”.  At least that’s what my niece calls her.  The other families all have two adults, but she’s an extra in her group.  And she clearly leads the way.  She’s also the only one with coloring different from the black and white all the other geese wear.  She’s bold and beautiful, and she swims all the way up to the little dock.  How can I not take her picture?  The white geese are just as brave, though they don’t come around as often as the others.  But I was able to get some photos last visit.  I couldn’t resist sharing some of my geese pictures, and I hope you like them.


My niece, who just turned a year old last month. What I see is Allison practically swallowed up in her sister’s dress up clothes. What I think is she’ll grow into them faster than I’d like.


Making the decision to have a child

is momentous.

It is to decide forever to have your heart

go walking around outside your body.

– Elizabeth Stone

In Between

What I see is Amanda, standing between the two doors at her house. On May 5th. What I think is she picks out her own clothes.


I asked her to do this,

just so I could take a picture of it.

Does that make me a bad aunt,

a bigger kid than she is,

or just creative?

(By the way, that’s a rhetorical question.)

This Moment

What I see is my niece and my dad. What I think is I should have used the flash. What I feel is it doesn’t even matter.


It’s not the quality of the photo

that draws me in;

what I so cherish

is the moment that it captured.

A Helping Hand


Sometimes we need other people

to save us from ourselves.

Whether we’re aware of it or not.

see how she grows

The last time I posted a picture of baby Allison, she was...well, a baby. I guess she's still a baby, but it's getting harder and harder to think so. What I see here is a girl who can take herself places. And is she ever motivated to move! What I think is she's growing up way too fast.


Babies are such a nice way

to start people.

– Don Herrold


please stop looking at that light

What I see is Amanda intently gazing into a spotlight at the botanical gardens. If I had known she was going sit down and stare into it, I wouldn't have asked her to go over there. She simply refused to stop. Maybe she wanted to touch it, but at least knew enough not to do that. What I think is this just couldn't have been good for her.


If you don’t have your own children,

you have to settle for ruining

other people’s kids.

Idgie’s feet

Another detail photo. What I see here are Idgie's feet; he was a percher. He was also a loving, independent, fierce, roving, fun, loyal, spunky, confident, wonderful cat. That's why we named him Idgie. What I think is a picture is worth a thousand memories.


Memory is the diary

that we all carry about with us.

– Oscar Wilde

what we leave behind

A look through the storefront of one of Fredericksburg's many "antique malls". Every historical town has their fair share of these, filled to the brim with other people's trash and treasures. What I see is a carousel horse, which first caught my eye, but also a picture of a man. Old pictures like this can be found at any antique store, and I always wonder how they made their way out of the family and into the public. Did the family die out? Or did the picture just lose its value because they no longer remember who this man was? What I think is that he was important once. He lived; he was a baby and a boy and then a man, and someone loved him. Maybe that's enough.


I made my life my monument.

– Ben Johnson

pets are people, too

This is my old dog Topaz, looking through the space where the screen used to be (a screen that she knocked out, by the way). What I see is a dog that my roommate and I loved dearly, who we thought was the most beautiful dog in the world, even if no one else saw what we did. What I think is that our pets are members of our family.


Sometimes we do choose

the members of our family.

you’re never too old

I remember this day; it was a very good day. What I see is my nephew (who turned 17 this past summer) in the kind of moment that seems set aside for the young. What I think is that it isn't over til it's over.


I can be filled with joy and wonder too.

an old memory

This is a very old picture of a barn that fell apart long ago. What I see is a wall that's as much hole as wood and bales of hay that appear to be moldering on the floor. What I think is how like memory this is, a snapshot of things that no longer exist, imperfect, color faded, and encompassing so much less than what I'd like to see after all these years.


How we remember,

what we remember,

and why we remember

form the most personal map

of our individuality.

– Christina Baldwin

as we love

Logan and Amanda in a moment I'm overjoyed to have captured. What I see is a brother and his little sister sharing a look and a laugh together. What I think is that our relationships are a precious treasure. What I wish is that it could always be this simple.


Person to person,

moment to moment,

as we love,

we change the world.

– Samahria Lyte Kaufman

the purpose of life

My sister. What I see is a young woman trying on a wedding dress, which is certainly a big financial commitment for something you only wear once. What I think is the commitments we make to one another are not without their own risks or fears. But we reach out anyway, with love and with hope, with purpose and determination. And, I trust, with Joy.


The purpose of life is to live it,

to taste experience to the utmost,

to reach out eagerly

and without fear

for newer and richer experience.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

a best day

I took this many, many summers ago in Chincoteague Virginia. It was the only time I've taken my nephews on vacation, just the three of us. What I see is Peyton looking down at the water mere minutes after we arrived at our vacation rental. What I think of is how wonderful it was to be an aunt to young things, and of two little girls who are giving me that gift again.


Every day is my best day;

this is my life.

I’m not going to have

this moment again.

– Bernie Siegel

A bird that makes me happy

I needed a picture today that made me feel better. I took this one while on vacation last August at Disney, and I love how the water looks with all of the reflections on the waves. What I see is a pretty, snow-white bird with blue eyes and a couple of black tail feathers just sticking out. But I don't know what kind it is. I also see two black fish in the top left corner. What I think of is a hot, sweaty, crowded, wonderful day spent on my own, just taking pictures and soaking it all in. I also think of how great it felt to join back up with my family at the end of that day and how happy I was to see them.


There are a great many beautiful things

that I’ve experienced in this world.

What a blessing a new day is.

After the pose

My sister and brother-in-law, and baby Allison. This is one of my favorite pictures from our vacation last August, taken on the morning we arrived in Florida. What I see is my family at the beach, and my sister looking very happy. What I think is that capturing these moments is why I keep clicking after the pose.

Life isn’t something you can pose for.

After all, it’s not a portrait;

it’s an Action-Adventure!