oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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simplicity of form

Here is a granddaddy longlegs (or daddy longlegs, depending on where you're from). What I see is a tiny little creature, with great big legs, who was just hanging out on my front porch. What I think is that you don't need a lot of frills to be interesting. Or even beautiful.


Everything should be made as simple as possible,

but not simpler.

– Albert Einstein

size doesn’t matter

Coming in from a walk one afternoon, I reached in to pull the door open and touched something small and fuzzy. I immediately knew it was the scary creature who'd been flitting around my light fixture all morning. What I see is a little guy who I wouldn't want to cross. What I think is that we were equally afraid of each another.


Size doesn’t matter,

neither in our capacity for fear,

nor in our ability

to put the fear in others.

wherever imagination takes you

I took this picture while out on a cruise of the yard with my dog, Louis. What I see is the typical detritus of a woody landscape. What I think of is a sturdy shell being carried away on a river of rain, a tiny boat and an insect family, who are scared and thrilled and excited and wet, floating away to parts yet unknown...to wherever my imagination dares to take them.


The world

is but a canvas

to our imaginations.

– Henry David Thoreau