oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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Sometimes I feel

just like this little guy.


please stop looking at that light

What I see is Amanda intently gazing into a spotlight at the botanical gardens. If I had known she was going sit down and stare into it, I wouldn't have asked her to go over there. She simply refused to stop. Maybe she wanted to touch it, but at least knew enough not to do that. What I think is this just couldn't have been good for her.


If you don’t have your own children,

you have to settle for ruining

other people’s kids.


I took this photo at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens when they were doing their holiday lights display. What I see is a multi-colored sphere, prettily lit from the inside, that seems to be floating in mid-air. What I think is it's important to allow ourselves a few illusions in life.


You can’t depend on your eyes

when your imagination is out of focus.

– Mark Twain