oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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what I saw there

What I see is a pretty little flower on the other side of the garden wall. What I think is that sometimes it pays to be nosy.


In wisdom gathered over time

I have found that every experience

is a form of exploration.

– Ansel Adams

A Helping Hand


Sometimes we need other people

to save us from ourselves.

Whether we’re aware of it or not.


My dad took us for a ride on his new boat last Saturday, and this caught my attention right away. What I saw was a pristine new rope laying on a pristine new deck. What I thought was that it didn't matter how many times I'd been on a boat before; this was a new trip. It was a new boat, a new day, a new experience.


Never let familiarity

blind you to worth.

Hello, Stranger!

Every now and then I’ll find a blog that I really like, I’ll click that follow button, and then…  

And then…

And then that’s it; they never write another post.  Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

I never thought I would be the one to disappear.

If you’re like me, when you saw If My Eyes Were Cameras, you said something like, “Oh, yeah…I forgot all about her.”  But I do hope you’re glad to see me again.

So what happened?  

To be perfectly honest, my photo blog was a victim of its own theme.  I love my theme, but I had become too rigid about what I would and would not allow myself to do here.  My great friend Patricia even gave me a Versatile Blogger Award months ago, and I didn’t do anything about it because I couldn’t incorporate it into my theme.

Have you ever done that to yourself – been so wrapped up in how you wanted something to look or be, that you cut yourself off from all the other great possibilities?  

Then in February, I reached a point where my creativity went a bit dry.  I wasn’t taking many new photos, and though I had plenty of old photographs that I would have liked to share, they didn’t fit into this theme that I had locked myself into.  Or at least I couldn’t muster the words to make them fit.  I would look at a photo and simply be blank.  

So I thought I would just take a week off.  But one week stretched into two, and then to three.  I would tell myself I needed to sit down and update my photo blog, but I never did it.  I was busy with my resolutions, and barely keeping up with my other blog, and every post-free week would pass quicker than the last.  Eventually, I forgot to even remember.

But I’m feeling my creative juices flowing again now, I’ve started a basic photography class, and I’ve been taking pictures like crazy.  And I’ve missed this blog!  Tomorrow is back to If My Eyes Were Cameras like you’re used to seeing – but I’m not going to hold myself to that theme if my “I see, I think” well runs dry again.

I almost promise.

Don’t Wait Too Long

This was a window display for a kitchen supply store, back in the dog days of summer when the temperatures made you feel almost as desperate as this guy. What I see is what remains of someone who almost made it. What I think is that you shouldn't wait too long to go after what you need to make life worth while.


Fortune helps those

who dare.

– Virgil

A New Year

I used a picture of Amanda to start this blog, so I thought I would use a picture of her to start off the new year. This time, instead of being in a bathing suit and surrounded by spouts of water, she's in her jacket and surrounded by twinkle lights. What I see is my niece, lit up with the green glow of holiday lights. What I think is that time passes and seasons change, so we must enjoy where we are at the given moment.


Learn from yesterday,

live for today,

hope for tomorrow.

– Albert Einstein



you’re never too old

I remember this day; it was a very good day. What I see is my nephew (who turned 17 this past summer) in the kind of moment that seems set aside for the young. What I think is that it isn't over til it's over.


I can be filled with joy and wonder too.

wear and tear

I love the macro function on my camera! It allows me to get right in there and see those nooks and crannies that our eyes sweep over as we take in the whole. What I see here is the tip of a shell that I "caught" in Chincoteague. What I think is that all those nicks and blemishes, all the pock marks and broken off bits, they tell the story of our lives, of where we've been and who we are.


Time and tide

wait for no man.

how I got this shell




What lies beneath?

It's no telling how long that piece of metal has been embedded in the tree. I've lived here for 15 years, so way longer than that. What I see is the twisted end of a thick wire that had been wrapped around a tree years and years ago. What I don't see is the rest of the wire, because the bark has simply grown over the offending metal. What I think is that we often deal with our own troubles in the same way: grow over and around them, instead of dealing with them.


It’s so easy to focus

on the tangled mess in front of our face,

when the real troubles often lie much deeper.

a bend in the road

This has always struck me as a pretty little spot, no less so with an absence of green and luxuriant foliage to adorn it. What I see is light and shadow dancing at my feet, a community of trees holding hands above my head, and the road before me rising up and disappearing into the woods. What I think is I'm so excited to see what awaits me around the bend.


There is something to be said

for not having the path laid out straight before you.

I am starting to see the beauty and find the joy

in the winding of the road.


This is one of my favorite pictures, taken almost 20 years ago. These two "people" are my then-roommate Margaret and our dog Topaz. What I see is the two of them sitting on Skyline Drive, looking out over the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley, each seemingly lost in contemplation or admiration or I know not what. What I think is that man and beast alike are compelled to contemplate their surroundings. What I wonder is what the two of them were thinking at that very moment.


People travel

to wonder at the height of mountains,

at the huge wave of the sea,

at the long courses of rivers,

the vast compass of the ocean,

at the circular motion of the stars,

and they pass by themselves

without wondering at all.

–   St. Augustine 399 ad


Another foggy morning picture from my front yard. What I see is a tree that seems to cut the scene in half; my driveway curves off to the left, but the light and the grass and the widely spaced trees call my attention to the possibilities on the right. What I think is that change is hard for me, and when faced with two paths, I will tend to take the road most traveled. What I understand is that sometimes you've got to take a chance and head out in new directions.


Growth demands

a temporary surrender

of security.

– Gail Sheehy

A Case of the Mondays

This was taken at a charity event held at a job I had about a million years ago. What I see is a really nice guy getting hit in the face with a whipped cream pie. What I think is that sometimes life does that to ya. You've just got to keep your chin up and be thankful that it's only whipped cream...because there's always another pie coming your way.


Mama said there’ll be days like this,

There’ll be days like this Mama said

(Mama said, Mama said)

– The Shirelles

A Tiny Tree

I like how the color of this little guy shows up against the brown leaves in the background. What I see is a tiny, tiny tree - or the beginnings of a tree - doing what all the big trees are doing this time of year. What I think is that just because you're small or young or inexperienced, doesn't mean you can't achieve greatness.


I’ve decided

I’m unstoppable!

– Les Brown

Peyton Sings

This is my nephew Peyton, singing with The House of Burgess last summer. What I see is a 13-year-old who is trying something new, even though he was nervous about it. What I think of is determination; of willingly, even purposely, doing things that are daunting, or even scary, or even in front of an audience. What I feel is proud.


He is strong

who conquers others;

he who conquers himself

is mighty.

– Lao Tsu


There's nothing special about this picture. But it speaks to me just the same. What I see is a pair of stockings that weren't meant to stay pristine. What I think of is an Easter Sunday filled with laughter and joy, and little girls who were allowed to be little girls.


We may come home

a little dirty,

but isn’t that proof

we lived the heck

out of our day.

The First Picture

My niece Amanda. I love this picture! What I see is unreserved exuberance, joy, enthusiasm, wonder. What I think of is living a life wide open.


Children are a blessing,

and the lessons they teach are many.

My aspiration is to pay attention…

and maybe learn a thing or two.