oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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what I saw there

What I see is a pretty little flower on the other side of the garden wall. What I think is that sometimes it pays to be nosy.


In wisdom gathered over time

I have found that every experience

is a form of exploration.

– Ansel Adams


A Helping Hand


Sometimes we need other people

to save us from ourselves.

Whether we’re aware of it or not.


My dad took us for a ride on his new boat last Saturday, and this caught my attention right away. What I saw was a pristine new rope laying on a pristine new deck. What I thought was that it didn't matter how many times I'd been on a boat before; this was a new trip. It was a new boat, a new day, a new experience.


Never let familiarity

blind you to worth.

Hello, Stranger!

Every now and then I’ll find a blog that I really like, I’ll click that follow button, and then…  

And then…

And then that’s it; they never write another post.  Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

I never thought I would be the one to disappear.

If you’re like me, when you saw If My Eyes Were Cameras, you said something like, “Oh, yeah…I forgot all about her.”  But I do hope you’re glad to see me again.

So what happened?  

To be perfectly honest, my photo blog was a victim of its own theme.  I love my theme, but I had become too rigid about what I would and would not allow myself to do here.  My great friend Patricia even gave me a Versatile Blogger Award months ago, and I didn’t do anything about it because I couldn’t incorporate it into my theme.

Have you ever done that to yourself – been so wrapped up in how you wanted something to look or be, that you cut yourself off from all the other great possibilities?  

Then in February, I reached a point where my creativity went a bit dry.  I wasn’t taking many new photos, and though I had plenty of old photographs that I would have liked to share, they didn’t fit into this theme that I had locked myself into.  Or at least I couldn’t muster the words to make them fit.  I would look at a photo and simply be blank.  

So I thought I would just take a week off.  But one week stretched into two, and then to three.  I would tell myself I needed to sit down and update my photo blog, but I never did it.  I was busy with my resolutions, and barely keeping up with my other blog, and every post-free week would pass quicker than the last.  Eventually, I forgot to even remember.

But I’m feeling my creative juices flowing again now, I’ve started a basic photography class, and I’ve been taking pictures like crazy.  And I’ve missed this blog!  Tomorrow is back to If My Eyes Were Cameras like you’re used to seeing – but I’m not going to hold myself to that theme if my “I see, I think” well runs dry again.

I almost promise.

Don’t Wait Too Long

This was a window display for a kitchen supply store, back in the dog days of summer when the temperatures made you feel almost as desperate as this guy. What I see is what remains of someone who almost made it. What I think is that you shouldn't wait too long to go after what you need to make life worth while.


Fortune helps those

who dare.

– Virgil

A New Year

I used a picture of Amanda to start this blog, so I thought I would use a picture of her to start off the new year. This time, instead of being in a bathing suit and surrounded by spouts of water, she's in her jacket and surrounded by twinkle lights. What I see is my niece, lit up with the green glow of holiday lights. What I think is that time passes and seasons change, so we must enjoy where we are at the given moment.


Learn from yesterday,

live for today,

hope for tomorrow.

– Albert Einstein



you’re never too old

I remember this day; it was a very good day. What I see is my nephew (who turned 17 this past summer) in the kind of moment that seems set aside for the young. What I think is that it isn't over til it's over.


I can be filled with joy and wonder too.