oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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different all at once


This picture made me think of my life right now. I’m trying to do all of these things, trying to grow and improve myself. Somehow I convince myself that I can grow in lots of different directions at once, and for a while it seems to work. But then I realize that even though they are growing from the same stem, the fruit is all different. They’re shaped different and colored different. They grow and ripen and shrivel and fall away at different rates. No matter how I try to make them grow together, to nurture them all at the same time, it just doesn’t work that way.  I’ve crushed so much fruit beneath my feet on the way to understanding it’s okay to take it in turns. It’s okay to let one shrivel up and fall off because I’ve put my energies somewhere else. I have time to come back to it; another chance will grow in its place.


There’s a certain kind of beauty

in the chaos

of wildly growing fruits.



I took this photo at historic Kenmore Plantation, while on the walking tour for Garden Week. What I see is a single tulip, framed nicely by all that green. What I think is this picture would not be as interesting if there were a bunch of tulips, instead of one.



does not necessarily

mean lonely.