oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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you’re never too old

I remember this day; it was a very good day. What I see is my nephew (who turned 17 this past summer) in the kind of moment that seems set aside for the young. What I think is that it isn't over til it's over.


I can be filled with joy and wonder too.

a best day

I took this many, many summers ago in Chincoteague Virginia. It was the only time I've taken my nephews on vacation, just the three of us. What I see is Peyton looking down at the water mere minutes after we arrived at our vacation rental. What I think of is how wonderful it was to be an aunt to young things, and of two little girls who are giving me that gift again.


Every day is my best day;

this is my life.

I’m not going to have

this moment again.

– Bernie Siegel

Peyton Sings

This is my nephew Peyton, singing with The House of Burgess last summer. What I see is a 13-year-old who is trying something new, even though he was nervous about it. What I think of is determination; of willingly, even purposely, doing things that are daunting, or even scary, or even in front of an audience. What I feel is proud.


He is strong

who conquers others;

he who conquers himself

is mighty.

– Lao Tsu

So Two Seasons Ago

My nephew Logan, posing in front of the soccer field. What I see is a young man with long hair and a sense of humor. What I think of is how these kids are growing up so fast that I can hardly keep up. What I feel is that they should stop it.


When you were three years old

you would take off like a shot.

You ran away from me so fast…

the only difference now is

I can’t catch you.