oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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My dad took us for a ride on his new boat last Saturday, and this caught my attention right away. What I saw was a pristine new rope laying on a pristine new deck. What I thought was that it didn't matter how many times I'd been on a boat before; this was a new trip. It was a new boat, a new day, a new experience.


Never let familiarity

blind you to worth.

the purpose of life

My sister. What I see is a young woman trying on a wedding dress, which is certainly a big financial commitment for something you only wear once. What I think is the commitments we make to one another are not without their own risks or fears. But we reach out anyway, with love and with hope, with purpose and determination. And, I trust, with Joy.


The purpose of life is to live it,

to taste experience to the utmost,

to reach out eagerly

and without fear

for newer and richer experience.

– Eleanor Roosevelt