oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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couch sphinx

Something about her profile just made me think of a sphinx.


Idgie’s feet

Another detail photo. What I see here are Idgie's feet; he was a percher. He was also a loving, independent, fierce, roving, fun, loyal, spunky, confident, wonderful cat. That's why we named him Idgie. What I think is a picture is worth a thousand memories.


Memory is the diary

that we all carry about with us.

– Oscar Wilde

something I remember

The first place we lived in Richmond was a very old house (there was an ice box attached to the kitchen) that had been turned into a duplex. Our bedroom windows looked at each other over a little empty space. What I see here is our dog, Topaz, and our new kitten, Idgie, peeking at each other through the windows. What I think is I'm glad I took this photo, because it's so much clearer than the picture I have in my memory.


Time has a wonderful way

of showing us what really matters.

– Margaret Peters

pets are people, too

This is my old dog Topaz, looking through the space where the screen used to be (a screen that she knocked out, by the way). What I see is a dog that my roommate and I loved dearly, who we thought was the most beautiful dog in the world, even if no one else saw what we did. What I think is that our pets are members of our family.


Sometimes we do choose

the members of our family.

Nap Time!

My nephew's cat, Squeakers! What I see is a kitty cat in what seems to be her favorite sleeping position. I always find her cuddled down into cracks and dips and any kind of indentation in the furniture. What I think is that I love naps, too!


Time you enjoy wasting

was not wasted.

– John Lennon