oh what fleeting moments I should capture, oh what memories I should still possess

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I’ve used this photo already on a post for my other blog, but it popped into my head today, so here it is again. What I see is just a bunch of traps stacked up together. But what I think about is warm breezes, rolling waves, voices tossed up like so much sea spray, and the salty, marshy, fishy smell of untamed waters.


If there is magic on this planet,

it is contained in water.

– Loran Eisley

low tide

Nearly everything watery feels romantic to me, inspiring the dreamer, the artist, the adventurer within. A wooden post sunk into the ground is ordinary and mundane. Somehow that same post, raising its weathered head out of the water, becomes a metaphor for life. What I see here are many such posts, basking in the sun at low tide. What I immediately thought when I saw them is that life leaves its mark on us all.


The people we meet, the things that we do –

the experiences of our life –

leave a permanent mark upon us.

Sometimes it’s just more visible.